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Nancy Ruth

Nancy Ruth

Turn the Lights Back Down

Nancy Ruth is a singer/songwriter hailing from Malaga, Spain. She has recently released a brand new studio single. The new track is titled “Turn the Lights Back Down,” and it feels like a fantastic introduction to her work and vision.

According to Nancy herself, the song actually started out with a very simple arrangement, featuring only vocals and piano. Eventually, she realized that the song had so much potential, and decided to turn it into a full-on production, which is particularly special due to the fact that it was recorded literally all over the world. The track was indeed recorded over at least three different countries, with different collaborators based in Vancouver, as well as New York and Malaga. The song is a soothing, romantic ballad with a soft-spoken sound.

The lyrics are very sweet and endearing, giving the track a warm sound and creating a deeper connection with the artist. The song highlights Nancy’s ability to build a genuine link between herself and her listeners, especially on the grounds of the emotional strength that drives her studio work.

This song is an excellent next chapter in the artist’s ongoing creative journey, and it is definitely a beautiful introduction to what this talented songstress can accomplish, especially when she teams up with fellow talented artists in order to bring her songs to the next level in terms of production.

The sound of this release is utterly beautiful, and there is something a bit old-school to the approach that drives this recording, lending the song an air of authenticity and a vibe of genuine emotional integrity.

The introduction to the song, for example, is already highly expressive, with a sparse, yet rich piano, giving way to the artist’s vocals and passionate delivery. She immediately showcases her vast vocal range, going from whisper-quiet parts to strong and proud vocal hooks that showcase Nancy’s vast singing range and her ability to project powerfully as well as taking a step back with her vocal dynamics, whenever the song calls for singing that isn’t as upfront as she could deliver. Versatility is always a great quality, and Nancy has it in spades!

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