This Is GWAR

This Is GWAR

This Is GWAR

Directed by Scott Barber

Starring Dave Brockie, Ethan Embry, and Bob Gorman

Art rock, or rocking artists? It’s a blurry line in the world of GWAR. They started in Richmond, Virginia, making weird costumes and practicing the dreaded “Performance Art.” At first, audiences were bemused, then enthused, and then best of all: mom and dad were horrified. Ah, the sweet taste of success! Over the years, over 100 artists have rotated through this project, and for 40 years they’ve been making a statement about something important, but I’m fuzzy on just what.

In This Is GWAR, the current band leader Ethan Embry chats about the band and its beginnings. The filmmakers were given access to an amazingly comprehensive collection of photos, posters, soundtracks, and costumes, and they built a gripping tale. GWAR may not be the biggest name in heavy metal, but they are the most fun. Alternately funny, horrifying, and ridiculous, This Is GWAR is a wonderful peek into the underwear of the weirdest band in rock and roll.

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