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Kacey Fassett

Kacey Fassett

Drained Drama Queen

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We all love breakup songs, just so long as we aren’t singing about our own situations. On Drained Drama Queen, Kacey Fassett has just the right mix of optimism and misery to make great music about crummy times in life.

In “All Alone (In My One Room Home)” Kacey sets the table, makes the bed, and spends the evening watching Lifetime movies with a big bowl of popcorn and stuffed bear. I sympathize, it’s hard to find the right person without the wrong baggage. The track is quick, but her misery lingers in Kacey’s world. In “Crushed” she admits the best she can do is “love you from afar.” Here she builds a light background track that puts up the false fence of denial, and Kacey sings happier than her lyrics will admit. “DMs” adds woodwinds to the misery, and were this an opera, we would be prepped for a bad ending. But since this is rock and roll, Kacey may have hit rock, and perhaps, just maybe, things will look up by the end. And she’s ready to try once more in “Influencer.” Here she admits she’s wasting her time on the dating scene. Where will this little drama take her? I’m not sure because I still have one more track to sample: “West LA.” I won’t give away any secrets, but the woodwinds are smiling, and while there’s no operatic crescendo, we don’t need to send flowers either.

Here’s a clean, no frills musician who can lay out a story in a song and make you shed a tear. Maybe tonight is NOT the night. But there are plenty more nights ahead.

Kasey Fassett

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