• Perceptual Inheritance

    Transparancy :: Perceptual Inheritance :: Sunday, April 18th, 2004

  • Self Portrait

    Heather knows that a picture can say many different different things. Sometimes a picture can even ask, “Is it time for a checkup?” Damned collages.

  • Ukiyo-e Nouveau

    Heather makes Art Nouveau all her own.

  • CrushMemory

    Ever wish you could go back in time and relive all of the beautiful moments? Well you can’t. There are no words for it.

  • Head

    Heather steals the face, strips away the spirit and washes it all in glorious color. Color hides all flaws in a technicolor dream.

  • Reclining Oscar

    Heather reinvents London’s elusive Oscar Wilde Memorial in the darkroom with a touch of silver… during a sandstorm, I hear.

  • Daughter

    Do good intentions ever really work out? A visual interpretation of blood ties and helplessness.

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