• Flash Gordon – Volume 4

    Flash Gordon – Volume 4

    Carl F Gauze sees the roots of the modern sci-fi blockbuster film in this gorgeous reprint edition of vintage 1930s Flash Gordon comic strips.

  • Regards from Serbia

    Regards from Serbia

    Graphic journalist Alexsandar Zograf has recently had his strips amalgamated and published as Regards from Serbia. Eric J. Iannelli wonders how it stacks up against existing graphic accounts of the Balkan civil wars of the ’90s.

  • Lone Racer

    Lone Racer

    With few lines and fewer words, Nicholas Mahler manages to break hearts with his minicomic tale of the Lone Racer. Heather Lorusso wipes her eyes with the checkered flag.

  • Feeble Attempts

    Feeble Attempts

    An odds-and-ends collection from this Illinois-based cartoonist.

  • Modern Masters Volume 10: Kevin Maguire

    Modern Masters Volume 10: Kevin Maguire

    The talent of comics artist Kevin Maguire is nothing to bwa-ha-ha about. Shaun Corley gives us the rundown on the latest edition of the Modern Masters series, which runs down Maguire’s career.

  • Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation

    Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation

    Marshall Presnell is transported back to an age of sugary plastic heat when thumbing through this new retrospective of postwar animation and cartooning.

  • Owly: The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer

    Owly: The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer

    Children’s librarian Keith Hayes knows that Owly is a must-have, not only because of the emotional range that Andy Runton brings to the “funny animal” genre, but because it’s one of the few books that he and his young daughter can agree on.

  • Back Issue

    Back Issue

    The Big Green Issue is out, and from Matthew Moyer‘s description, if you don’t have this you should be a bit verdant with envy for those who do.

  • How To Create Comics

    How To Create Comics

    From the editors of Write Now! and Draw! magazines comes a comics crossover like no other. Seriously. Darius Gentley shows you how you too can script and illustrate comics like a pro. And no, it doesn’t involve winning a reality TV show.

  • The Alter Ego Collection, Volume One

    The Alter Ego Collection, Volume One

    It’s just a comic, right? Wrong. Matthew Moyer examines this anthology from the celebrated fanzine Alter Ego, full of comics passion, knowledge and treasures.

  • The Life and Art of Murphy Anderson

    Comics legend Murphy Anderson finally gets his own biography, an event big enough to draw in reformed comic geek Aaron Shaul, who actually learns a thing or two along the way.

  • Wertham Was Right!

    Ben Varkentine returns to the mysterious plane of Mark Evanier’s marvelous Point Of View with a review of the writer’s new essay collection, Wertham Was Right! And it’s a gas…

  • Reflections of a Comic Book Fanboy

    Comix prodigy Josh Sullivan looks back fondly at all the funnybooks that brought him into the game so long ago.

  • Caitlin R. Kiernan

    Dark fantasy writer and palentologist Caitlin R. Kiernan explores the pain and wonder of modern fiction with James Mann.

  • Bad Pills

    Dying of leukemia, Sverre H. Kristensen endeavoured to make the cute little funny animals in his final comic, Bad Pills suffer just as much as him. Matthew Damascus thinks he was successful.

  • Vertical Composition

    Comix wonderkid Josh Sullivan has come to Ink 19, and Columns will be featuring his art and writings in Vertical Composition. Here’s a preview of where he’s at.

  • Box Office Poison

    Alex Robinson’s Box Office Posion just won him the comics industry’s Eisner Award for "Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition." Julio Diaz expains why that award is so richly deserved.

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