• Give Our Regards To The Atomsmashers!

    Give Our Regards To The Atomsmashers!

    Sean Howe’s Give Our Regards To The Atomsmashers! is the latest in a series of recent books that examine how comic books are received and perceived by critics, fans and children of all ages. Rob Levy spoke with editor Sean Howe via email and in person at San Diego’s Comic-Con about the book, his work and of course, his love for comics.

  • Ghost World

    Daniel Clowes’ brilliant graphic novel, Ghost World comes to the silver screen courtesy of director Terry Zwigoff. And according to Phil Bailey, this is one comics-to-film translation that gets it right.

  • Cool Toys

    Phil Bailey takes a look at some of the finest pieces of molded plastic available, including the Ghost World Enid Coleslaw action doll, The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy playset, and the strange new Japanese fad of Kubricks.

  • Daniel Clowes

    Print Review by Phil Bailey

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