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Orlando Calling Festival


The inaugural, and hopefully annual, Orlando Calling Festival brings BIG acts to Central Florida for a major two-day music festival November 12-13.

Tom Casino


After spending decades as a session musician, Bay Area blues artist Tom Casino carves his own identity in the aging genre by adding drunken wit and Ramones pop-punk to the mix.

Big Business

Event Reviews

Big Business delivered a ::beep:: of a rock show in Jacksonville, according to Scott Adams , even if the majority of the audience was too busy texting one another to have realized it.

Shameless Promotion

Wednesday Again

Returning from the limbo that has mysteriously claimed many of our columnists, Special Ed is back and he’s ready to SHILL for one of his favorite bands, Self! Can there be a higher calling in life? Wednesday Again.

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Dark Water

Dark Water

Screen Reviews

J-Horror classic Dark Water (2002) makes the skin crawl with an unease that lasts long after the film is over. Phil Bailey reviews the new Arrow Video release.

The Shootist

The Shootist

Screen Reviews

John Wayne’s final movie sees the cowboy actor go out on a high note, in The Shootist, one of his best performances.