• Daniel Biro

    Daniel Biro

    120 Onetwenty (Sargasso). Review by Stacey Zering.

  • Live From Los Angeles

    Live From Los Angeles

    Indie pop sensation Owl City wows the fans (and Carl F Gauze) at a small club in Los Angeles.

  • Obscured by Clouds

    Obscured by Clouds

    William Weikart, the mastermind behind the band Obscured by Clouds, is one literate and surprising person. Tim Wardyn unveils Weikart’s impressive cast of influences (including Chris Cornell and Baroque music), how ex-girlfriends contributed to one of the best songs on their album Psycheclectic, and how his bandmate Thee Slayer Hippy got his name.

  • When Circuits Learned to Sing

    Ever wonder where those electronic squiggles in old Science Fiction films came from? Ever wonder about the first bands to abandon guitars for electronic instruments? Two new films from Plexfilm show you how Robert Moog taught circuits to sing and how British pop bands put those sounds on the pop charts. Bob Pomeroy sings the body electric.

  • Seabound

    Beyond Flatline (Metropolis). Review by Jorge C. Galban.

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