• BOP! More Box Office Poison

    Indie, small press, SPX, comic, realistic story, great art, slacker,BOP! — More Box Office Poison,by Alex Robinson,Top Shelf Productions,Joe Frietze

  • BOP! — More Box Office Poison

    BOP! — More Box Office Poison

    No, it isn’t the Ben Affleck story. It’s a reprint of several stand alone pieces that comic creator James Robinson did not feel fit in with the overall story when the BOP omnibus volume was printed. Joe Frietze says it whetted his appetite for more, which in itself is more than anyone’s said about Ben Affleck in years, the poor dope.

  • Life Rocks When You Have New Socks!

    Josh Sullivan kicks off the New Year just right with stream of consciousness and some free comic goodness! I loves the pictures.

  • Ghost World

    Daniel Clowes’ brilliant graphic novel, Ghost World comes to the silver screen courtesy of director Terry Zwigoff. And according to Phil Bailey, this is one comics-to-film translation that gets it right.

  • Cool Toys

    Phil Bailey takes a look at some of the finest pieces of molded plastic available, including the Ghost World Enid Coleslaw action doll, The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy playset, and the strange new Japanese fad of Kubricks.

  • Daniel Clowes

    Print Review by Phil Bailey

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