• The xx

    The xx

    Coexist (Young Turks). Review by Jen Cray.



    YACHT: hipster pow-wow, dance party, philosophical discussion, or all of the above? Jen Cray can’t quite decide, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have a blast at their recent Orlando date!

  • LCD Soundsystem

    LCD Soundsystem

    LCD Soundsystem and Sleigh Bells turned Orlando’s Hard Rock Live into the hottest dance club in Central Florida — and did it all before 11pm on a school night! Jen Cray immersed herself in the party.

  • Hot Chip

    Hot Chip

    The whirlwind electro-pop of Hot Chip, complete with giant glasses and walls of keyboards, makes a convert of our very own Chris Catania. The opening bands weren’t half bad either.

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