• Isis/ The Melvins

    Isis/ The Melvins

    Though The Melvins were official headliners, soon-to-be defunct Isis stepped in as the closing band for a Philadelphia show that shook the rafters of the TLA. Get the scoop on the show and read Mike Hanan‘s revealing chat with Isis frontman Aaron Turner. That’s a twofer, folks!

  • Twilight


    Monument to Time End (Southern Lord). Review by Matthew Moyer.

  • Pinback


    Pinback and sBACH rock the Paradise, and turn Addam Donnelly‘s frown upside down.

  • Botch


    American Nervoso (Hydra Head Records). Review by Andrew Coulon.

  • Isis


    In The Absence of Truth (Ipecac). Review by Bob Ham.

  • Isis + Aereogramme

    Isis + Aereogramme

    In the Fishtank 14 (Konkurrent). Review by Aaron Shaul.

  • Subarachnoid Space

    Subarachnoid Space

    The Red Veil (Strange Attractors). Review by Aaron Shaul.

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