• Jay Farrar

    ThirdShiftGrottoSlack (Artemis). Review by James Mann.

  • The Bottle Rockets

    Songs Of Sahm (Bloodshot). Review by Sean Slone.

  • June Star

    Telegraph (Safe House). Review by James Mann.

  • Top 19 of 2001

    With the year drawing to a close, we thought it’d be appropriate for our staff to tell you what they thought the best stuff all year was. Features Editor James Mann kicks off with his choices for the Top 19 Albums of 2001.

  • The Top 19 Albums That Almost Made it Onto My Top 10 List

    Ah, the pressures of being an in-demand writer. Matt Cibula had many Web sites beating down hs door for his year-end picks, but only Ink 19 was willing to go the extra mile to get the next 19 records on his list…

  • 19 Best Lyrics of the Year

    Matt Cibula presents his choices for the 19 best sets of lyrics of 2001. Let the arguments begin.

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