• Greenberg


    With Greenberg, film writer-director Noah Baumbach successfully adds another to his patented string of highly intellectual meanderings full of difficult characters expressing their personal pain by violently thrusting it upon others while feigning self-deprecation.

  • The Scottsboro Boys

    The Scottsboro Boys

    Kander and Ebb’s final musical. The Scottsboro Boys, depicts the true story of American racism in the South. Despite a mixture of eye-poppin’ musical sequences and social commentary, the musical misses many cues. Julie Haverkate provides analysis.

  • Paranormal Activity

    Paranormal Activity

    Ten years after the premiere of the creepily innovative The Blair Witch Project, another super-low budget indie horror flick scares the bejesus out of critic Julie Haverkate with just a homemade video and slight supernatural effects. So what happens when you sleep? Paranormal Activity, that’s what.

  • District 9

    District 9

    An alien race forced to live in slum-like conditions in Johannesburg discovers a surprising camaraderie with a government agent that is exposed to its biotechnology. It may be 2009’s most thrilling film, sez Julie Haverkate.

  • The Cove

    The Cove

    Activist and Flipper-trainer Richard O’Barry relives his guilt over captivity and the ill treatment of dolphins through this documentary that explores the slaughter of thousands of beautiful Cetaceans off the coast of Japan.

  • Last Chance Harvey

    Last Chance Harvey

    Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson offer up tender and touching performances in a predictable but surprisingly enjoyable romantic comedy. Julie Haverkate thinks this Harvey deserves a chance.

  • The Duchess

    The Duchess

    Julie Haverkate wishes The Duchess moved her as much as Keira Knightley‘s performance did.

  • The Strangers

    The Strangers

    Move over, Michael Myers, The Strangers are in town. Julie Haverkate wonders if it’s the murders or masks that frighten us more.

  • WALL•E


    An A-dorable robot attempts to save Earth and win his lady love. Julie Haverkate is surprised by WALL E‘s order of priorities, and she thinks you will be too.

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