• Mixtape 122 :: Warm Brass

    Mixtape 122 :: Warm Brass

    Soul jazz ensemble The Greyboy Allstars have been around so long they have grown into their name.



    YACHT: hipster pow-wow, dance party, philosophical discussion, or all of the above? Jen Cray can’t quite decide, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have a blast at their recent Orlando date!

  • The Sounds

    The Sounds

    The Sounds strut back through Orlando and Jen Cray is part of the small but devoted crowd that welcomes them.

  • Foster the People

    Foster the People

    Foster the People caught a lucky break with their first single, but prove to be more than just the flavor of the month at a recent Orlando show that made a believer out of Jen Cray.

  • Six Finger Satellite

    Six Finger Satellite

    The Machine Cuisine Companion Cassette (Anchor Brain). Review by Matthew Moyer.

  • Free Energy

    Free Energy

    Free Energy make their Central Florida debut in front of more than just the bartenders, and Jen Cray thanks her lucky stars that she decided to brave the 60 degree wintry blasts to catch the show.

  • LCD Soundsystem

    LCD Soundsystem

    LCD Soundsystem and Sleigh Bells turned Orlando’s Hard Rock Live into the hottest dance club in Central Florida – and did it all before 11pm on a school night! Jen Cray immersed herself in the party.

  • Justice


    Cross (edbangerrecords). Review by Danny Lewis.

  • Plan B

    Plan B

    Who Needs Actions When You Got Words? (Pet Cemetery/679). Review by Chris Catania.

  • LCD Soundsystem

    LCD Soundsystem

    Sound of Silver (DFA Records). Review by Omar de la Rosa.

  • Jonathan Vance

    Jonathan Vance

    Sylvia the Eagle (Run-Roc). Review by Kiran Aditham.

  • DFA


    Compilation #1 (DFA). Review by Danny Lewis.

  • DFA

    DFA,Compilation #1,DFA,Danny Lewis

  • Yes New York

    Various Artists (Wolfgang Morden/VICE). Review by Stein Haukland.

  • !!!

    Me and Giuliani Down By the School Yard (Touch and Go Records). Review by Kiran Aditham.

  • chk-chk-chk

    Me and Giuliani Down By the School Yard (Touch and Go Records). Review by Kiran Aditham.

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