• Avenged Sevenfold

    Waking The Fallen (Hopeless). Review by Nick Plante.

  • Diabolical

    A Thousand Deaths (World War III). Review by Daniel Mitchell.

  • Overkill

    Wrecking Everything – Live (Spitfire). Review by Joe Frietze.

  • Slayer

    Nothing says "the holiday season" like a nice, long chat with Kerry King, of America’s favorite South Of Heaven metal band, Slayer. David Lee Beowulf shares the joy of the season and discusses the band’s latest gift to their fans, God Hates Us All.

  • Megadeth

    Untitled Three-Song Sampler (Sanctuary). Review by Nathan T. Birk.

  • Megadeth

    Frustrated by the near-absence of Megadeth drummer Jimmy DeGrasso on the band’s recent VH1 Behind The Music? We’ve got you covered, with Gail Worley’s extended chat with the man behind the drums for one of metal’s most venerable and influential bands.

  • Megadeth

    Risk (Capitol). Review by David Lee Beowülf

  • Megadeth

    Interview by David Lee Beowülf

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