• Ministry


    Spend an hour with Al Jourgensen and you’re guaranteed to get a lot of dirt. But probably not quality dirt, like Gail Worley digs up. Reissues, the parting of ways with Paul Barker, and the dreaded Curse of Seattle — get a fresh pack and pour the wine for this one.

  • Ministry (Part I)

    From the subtleties of covering Magazine songs to prompting riots in Pearl Harbor, the Men of Ministry are not afraid to discuss anything. First of a two-part interview with Gail Worley.

  • Ministry (Part II)

    Paul and Al spill the beans on the death of River Phoenix, Lenny Kravitz’ little secret, and messing with Spielberg’s head on the set of AI, as their informal chat with Gail Worley continues.

  • “The Internet is a Communications Tool…”

    …used the world over where people can come together to bitch…" Yes, disgruntled former DJs, more angry A.F.I. fans, and pissing off the French: it can only be another dip into the Ink 19 virtual mailbag…

  • Ministry

    Industrial godheads Ministry are in the midst of a resurgence with a Greatest Fits album and an appearance in the summer blockbuster, A.I. Kiran Aditham talks with Paul Barker about label politics, soundalike bands, and why Filth Pig is the band’s greatest triumph.

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