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Nirav Gave His All

By the wayÖ long overdue thanks for a beautifully written review of our Gove County Philharmonic CD. We will record again in September.

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[Nirav Soni responds:] You’re very welcome. It really was one of the best things I heard last year. I eagerly await the fruits of any recording you may do!

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Who-ooh, Whoo-ooh/I really wanna knowÖ

I am Dijislov

I’m glad you listened to my music. Who are you guys?

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We could tell you, but we’d have to resort to overused clichés.

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Another Fucking Invective

Total and outright bullshit, you have no idea or concept of what music should be. Black Sails is one of the best punk CDs ever released. You should learn what real music is before you knock on it. Bitches.

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[Allie Gore responds:] My public, how they love me!

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A Cookie for Kurt

Hi, Kurt,

(I hope. You never know who reads these things.)

Anyway, I was surfing around and found Ink 19. I don’t remember having sent a disc for review, but I sure am glad I did now, since I came upon your review of my band’s 1999 CD, All Hell Can’t Stop Us.

You’re probably in the top two percentile of people who review music and actually know something about it. I wanted to personally thank you for that without going into past reviews by pimply-faced, low-fi-obsessed adolescents, (at least that’s the way I view them. Though, thankfully, I haven’t actually seen their zits) who’ve actually attacked the production of that record!

It’s no big task understanding the fact that not everyone likes our music, but to attack Conrad Uno’s production?!! Fee fi fo fum, I smell the pits of a dumb-dumb.

With that said, thanks again Kurt, for the great review.


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Primed For Stupidity

Hey, I don’t know how old the Primer 55 article is on their CD, but give their other shit a chance man. A new CD is coming out and from what I’ve heard (which is about half the CD) it sounds tight as hell. There’s more than just the rapcore cuz it sounds like they’ve looked into writing music for more than one genre. And by the way, the band isn’t from New York ya moron.

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Words fail. There are so many ways to make fun of this guy, and yet I just can’t get past the fact that his e-mail “identity” purports that he’s Fred Durst. And really, do you need to say anything else?

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Sorry, wrong number(s)Ö

Trying to contact Trey Spruance in regard to a musical project we are about to erect and we think Trey would be particularly interested in it. I’ve spoken with Trey before about this project, It has just taken me awhile to contact him. I have been extremely busy in putting this project together, and I am very serious about it. So please, if this e-mail is not a direct contact, please give me some feedback on how to contact him directly.

Thanks for the time,

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Hello there ,

Great site! We hope things are going well. Nothing in life would please us more than getting a signed photo from Paul Barker, maybe you might pass along our message to him for us, we are friends with Martin Atkins. Thanks so much for your time.

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Yes I was wondering if you could have this message forward [sic] to Heather Kozar.

Dear Heather Kozar, I am a real big fan of yours. You are a really great modle [sic]. I am a real big fan of The Price is Right. I just wanted to ask you if you could mail me a autograph picture of you.

Your fan,

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This is as good a place as any to mention this, because we get e-mails like this almost daily: while we come onto contact with a lot of “rock stars” and other assorted cool people in creating Ink 19, we don’t exactly have home phone numbers for these guys. We’re a magazine, just like Rolling Stone or Spin (well, better than those, but I digress), and we can no more put you in touch with famous people than they can. We recommend contacting the artist’s record label or agent.

Oh, and Shane & May? The next time you talk to your buddy Martin, please remind him that he still owes Ink 19 $1000 for the full-page ad he booked for Invisible Records in our October 2000 print issue.

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We Find It True


I used to work at WFIT (1980-1982) and I’d like to read your articles about the decline, disgruntled jocks, etc. I think WFIT as an NPR butt boy SUCKS, and I was shocked to find out that the station had been subverted by a bunch of whining liberals. Probably goes without saying that I don’t give to the alumni fund when they come a-callin’.

Anyway, I’d like to hear about WFIT in your era… drop me a line.

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[David Lee Beowulf responds]: As far as I know, WFIT was always run by liberals, some of whom did, in fact, whine. In general, radio stations run by “liberals” play better music. And now that I think of it, “liberals” have been and are in charge of all the “good” music. Frankly, WFIT went down the crapper when the “conservatives” took over. I have never heard a radio station staffed by and run by conservatives play anything but ignorant, “progressive” talk radio (I will note that most of my views slant towards the “conservative” direction, if not overtaking it in extremism).

My take on the “WFIT goes NPR” gig is that it’s a lot cheaper and easier to manage a vapor staff than real human beings, etc. The station is unlistenable. You should listen to your recorded music exclusively. I’ve written about my experiences in the pages of Ink 19 over the years, and if you search our site for “WFIT” you will come up with some choice rants, I’m sure. What drove the nail in the coffin for me was when they sold the record library for thirty pieces of silver, the rat bastards.

Also, the reason you should no longer contribute as an alumnus to Florida Tech is because they’re bulldozing part of the jungle to build some new dorms they think they need.

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Get In the Ring, Matthew Moyer

Re: Matthew Moyer

Rarely have I read the work of a more frustrated man. Tell him to use his mind instead of his moods.


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[Mattthew Moyer responds]: Okay, even though this has all of the makings of a “Pleese excuse my sonn from missing skool yestiday. He wuz sick. signed, jimmy’s mom” letter, I’ll play along for a moment just because this is, after all, an important talent agent who took a moment off from looking for the new O-Town to offer to lil’ old me some advice. Ready (wink, wink)?

Objectivity, logic, and the mind have little place in rock and roll, you silly fucking cunt.

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One [sic] Letter…

I just write to make you aware that your review of the movie The Closet is completely stupid. I am French, and reading this review just get [sic] on my nerves. First, the reviewer seems to try to prove its [sic] culture and subtility [sic] by using French words. But not a single word is spelt [sic] correctly or used in the good context [sic]. (for example, the end of the review means: “So! Now! Go! Let’s!”). Moreover, I wonder if the reviewer saw the movie because he invents some details that are not in. (The man is not fired because he is boring, the neighboor [sic] never says its [sic] car is a citroen, ….) [sic].

So, next time, try to do something better and don’t forget that some French people may read your reviews (and if you simply think French are stupid, don’t review French movies!).

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[Carl F. Gauze responds]: Geez, were you the writer? Yeah, it wasn’t a Citroen, it wasn’t even a CV2, it was just “my reliable old car.” But it LOOKED like a Citreon in the long shot off the balcony. And Pignon was being downsized for corporate reasons, but the subtitles made it clear his lack of personality was the driving motivation for his selection as opposed to anyone else. And yes, I admit I used Alta Vista for my English to French translations (something which you might consider for your French to English). I admit I even made up words that don’t exist in French. So what? I’m American. I can do that. We LOVE making up new words.

And what’s this business about saying the French are stupid? You said that, not me. Nowhere in this review or any other did I say anything like that, nor imply it, nor do I believe it. The French are touchy, yes. Stupid, no. This was a positive review of a movie I enjoyed, starring two of my favorite French actors in a comedy that was much better handled than would have been the case if several famous American directors had tackled it. What are you so cranked about? My bad French? Well, watch out, Aurelien, I have two round trip tickets to Toulouse next month and I plan to come over with my little Langenscheidt phase book and speak bad French to everyone I meet. You’ve been warned.

By the way, what did you think of The Widow of St. Pierre? I thought so.

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