• Best of Film 2021

    Best of Film 2021

    Lily and Generoso select and review their ten favorite features, seven supplemental films, and two prized repertory releases of 2021.

  • Mandibles


    The latest feature from the surrealist comedy mind of Quentin Dupieux, Mandibles is that timeless story of two clueless lifelong friends who toil relentlessly to train their giant house fly Dominique to rob banks for them.

  • Keep An Eye Out

    Keep An Eye Out

    Opening on VOD through independent theaters on March 5th, Keep An Eye Out is director Quentin Dupieux’s (Rubber, Deerskin) deviously surreal and comedic take on the police procedural.

  • AFI Fest 2019

    AFI Fest 2019

    For the fifth straight year, Lily and Generoso assess a selection of new features from the eclectic program at AFI FEST, Los Angeles’ most prominent film festival.

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