• Before Midnight

    Before Midnight

    Jesse and Celine’s eighteen-year relationship takes a drastic turn as the two face changes in their personal and professional lives. Such is Richard Linklater’s newest talkfest.

  • Bad News Bears

    Bad News Bears

    In a summer chock-full of remakes, the concept of remaking The Bad News Bears — a perfect film if there ever was one — boggles the mind. However, with Billy Bob Thornton pinch-hitting for Walter Matthau, the 21st century Bears tip their hat to the original. Our scout in the bush leagues, Steve Stav, stopped laughing long enough to file his report.

  • School of Rock

    Textbooks, chalkboards, the Ramones — another Rock ‘N’ Roll High School? Make that "grade school"…Jack Black is back, and more tenacious than ever, in School of Rock. Resident scholar Steve Stav stopped laughing long enough to offer his thoughts on the latest Richard Linklater film.

  • Waking Life

    Director Richard Linklater goes beyond past cult hits like Dazed And Confused and into the animated world in his new film, Waking Life. Phil Bailey lets you know whether the film’s worth staying up for.

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