• The Burningmoore Deaths

    The Burningmoore Deaths

    Former Queensryche lead singer Geoff Tate stars as a father-turned-murderer who wreaks havoc on the crew of a home improvement show in an interesting mash-up of faux documentary and found footage horror movie.

  • Naked You Die

    Naked You Die

    Murder stalks an exclusive girls’ school in this 1968 Italian murder mystery. Carl F Gauze does his mentor Joe Bob Briggs proud.

  • Jason X

    400 years in the future, and the forefather of mass homicide has barely lost a step in his slashing. Jason Voorhees returns for the ninth time, but in space. Only this time, the dimwitted victims have better sense of fashion and nicer weapons. Kiran Aditham gives it a stab.

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