• Black to the Future

    Black to the Future

    Lewis Black asks, in the age of 45, What’s my job? on Black to the Future.

  • Hollywood’s White House

    After a century whose latter half was largely defined by its images, wish fulfillment and reflection each go into the filmed representations of our presidents, both fictitious and real. This book seeks to provide a thoughtful map to those representations; Ben Varkentine puts on his Indiana Jones hat.

  • Varkentine On Books 2003

    Books about writing, bubblegum music, mystery, songwriters, and politics of both the fictional and real varieties. Trust us, this is frighteningly close to being an X-ray of Ben Varkentine’s head.

  • One-Car Caravan

    Walter Shapiro offers a valuable tool for informing voters’ opinions of their potential Presidents, and he does it a la Butch and Sundance: The Early Years. Ben Varkentine finds his eyes opened…and maybe even a new hero. He still thinks there should have been an index, though.

  • Exploring The West Wing

    One of the most watched and most critically acclaimed shows on television goes under the microscope in three new books. Ben Varkentine takes an in-depth look.

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