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Music Reviews

The Entertainers (Third Man Records). Review by Jen Cray.


Music Reviews

Change! (Hot Topic - Sub City - Hopeless Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

Young @ Heart

Screen Reviews

I hope I die before I get old? Not a chance, sez Carl F Gauze , after seeing a chorus of retirees give their all belting out numbers by Talking Heads, James Brown, and the Ramones.

The Queers Are Here

Screen Reviews

What’s to like in a punkumentary about a long-lived icon? Audible sound during The Queers’ live sets would have been a good start, but Carl F Gauze finds solace in the interview and rare bits.

Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

Gear Reviews

Carl F. Gauze will give you Pac-Man Fever all over again, as he takes you back to the arcade games of your youth with a look at the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

Pagan Poetry

Screen Reviews

Bjork pushes the envelope again with “Pagan Poetry,” a video you’re unlikely to see on MTV. Phil Bailey caught a limited engagement theatrical presentation, and files this report.

Cool Turk


Kurt Channing considers the puzzling popularity of internet cult figure Mahir, inevitable pop superstardom and all, and grasps about for a metaphor to neatly describe it all. Anyone up for picking scabs?

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