• Goddamn! What A Disturbing Triple H Video!

    Goddamn! What A Disturbing Triple H Video! That really kind of says it all,
    doesn’t it? Matthew Damascus critiques the cinematic techniques of a
    villain’s intro video in “Bladejob”.

  • Michiku World Order, Bad Memory Redux, (what about) RAVEN!

    Matthew Damascus dusts off Bladejob and takes it for a trawl
    around the Web to find the ultimate Wrestling canon. Michiku Pro! High
    School Reunions! Raven Chat Rooms! There is a theme somewhere!

  • Miscellaneous Brooding + In Praise of Steve Corino

    Bladejob delivers the insanity and rabble-rousing that can only
    come through watching too much wrestling in search of profound answers and

  • My Wrestlemania Hell

    Matthew Damascus takes a break from normal continuity to discuss a ho-hum Wrestlemania 2000.

  • Deconstructing Those Hardy Boyz – Part One

    And I’m straying from my original point, which is simply that, there are sites out there that have graphic depictions of ‘a lucky fan’ having a saucy/randy/raunchy threesome (preceded or followed by meaningful conversation and cuddling, mind you) with the Boyz that would make any tried-and-true indie wrestling fan faint dead away…

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