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Coldwave Breaks II

Various Artists

21st Circuitry

Tired of cliched lyrics with no bite? Bored with music that lacks punch and self-gratuitous posturing that falls on it’s face in the midst of adversity then this is for you! Darkwave goes breakbeat. Fourteen artists affront the senses from the gloomy side (effects) of acid (burns). If Rammstein’s newest track “Lost Highway” is the most hyped, then why did I find the more obscure talent more enthralling? Play by play action begins with Wormwood Project’s “Nobody,” a stripped down to the bone breakbeat. MPI sound like KMFDM but doesn’t everybody nowadays? Other noteworthy offerings by Hate Dept (“Anger Impluse”) and Children and Chainsaws’ (“Flame On”) exhibit melodic keyboards that keep their tunes fresh as a day old corpse. An excellent remix of “Trust In Me” by Waiting For God impressed me with some over the top beats, while the real heroes here are genre and industry favorites Luxt, Beauty, Alien Faktor, and the indomitable 16 Volt and Slave Unit round out this venture into the dark side of industrial techhouse. Florida’s own Dead Seasons contribute a downtempo track entitled “Purge.” Buried at the end of the program is a super secret track that will get you excommunicated from the church and on a path str8 to hell. This disc should get pulled from every major chain in the states. I’m glad I scored mine. 21st Circuitry, P.O. Box 170100, San Francisco, CA 94117

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