Hospital presents Ultrasound

Hospital presents Ultrasound

Various Artists


Shadow Electronica puts out a very interesting packaging, I must say. The jewel case contains nothing but the CD, and a “jacket” of heavy packaging wraps the middle like a belt. But on to concentrating on this compilation of Hospital artists. For the most part it’s modern, relaxed house, but there are a few great standouts. It’s why I like compilations — you find out about artists doing something you like, without committing to an entire album that may or may not be what you desire. Dwarf Electro’s “Fear and Loathing” has that fast paced drum and bass that feels more trip-hop than anything else. Next is E.S.T.’s “Scrutiny.” Hard kick drums, solid bass lines, and power. It’s very old school rap sounding, with a modern kick in the ass. Definitely the standout on the album, and I’d keep your eyes peeled on the scene for the possibility of rising stardom. I’m really unhappy that only one track was included. Izit has two tracks on the compilation and they have a good feel to them, and I enjoy listening to them. Unfortunately, every time I get to E.S.T.’s track I just get pissed off. It’s too good to be squeezed in only once. You’ve got to get a hold of this album if you haven’t heard them before. It’s amazing! Shadow Records, 111 E. 14th St. #334, New York, NY 10003

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