Naughty Appliances II

Naughty Appliances II

Various Artists


The second collection of household-appliance-oriented punk and techno rock including songs by Broken Toilet Paranoia, the Drawer Fixers, the Expanding Doors, and a return of the Uncooperative Throwrugs. On the techno side of things there’s great offerings from Victorian Electricity, Kitchen Kitsch, the Busted Remotes, Low Calculator Batteries, and Out of Stamps. I am particularly pleased at the inclusion of the techno artists, as this genre is quickly overtaking punk rock as the music of choice for the up and coming generation of music consumers, and the producers of this compilation should pat themselves on the back! However, they should have included songs from the Unrepairable Plastic Shelves, Lingering Catbox Dust, the Melted Coffee Makers, and the Soapy Glasses to really round out the recording. Oh, well, I’ll have to wait until next April. Hippo Records, 666 Duncecap Road, Mister Lake, WI 887765

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