Trans Am

Trans Am

The Surveillance

Thrill Jockey

A few years ago, Trans Am was a fairly average band playing straight-forward rock. Nobody had ever heard of them. They had no record deals. They got no press. Then one day, they started splicing Casio drum beats into their classic rock songs, and became post-rock darlings overnight. It became nigh-impossible to get past any review of these guys without seeing a Boston or Kraftwerk comparison. Three records later, The Surveillance finds Trans Am doing exactly what is expected of Trans Am. And that’s not a bad thing. When I want some fine instrumental rock music that slips in and out of fresh Atari soundscapes, I want to be able to run out and pick up the latest Trans Am release without worries. It’s sort of difficult to screw up when you’re the only one doing exactly what it is you do. Thrill Jockey, Box 476794 Chicago, IL 60647.

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