Road Rash 3D

Road Rash 3D

Various Artists


With soundtracks becoming more emphasized in movies and TV, and in many cases, the highlight, it comes as no surprise that video games have picked up where the techno-laden Mortal Kombat left off.

Road Rash has taken the appropriate direction by using hardcore bands, a dash of hip-hop, and surf instrumentals to appeal to its players both visually and aurally.

The main player in the game is CIV, who lend several tracks from their Thirteen Day Getaway. Sugar Ray also has a couple, including my favorite, “Mean Machine” from Lemonade & Brownies. The Mermen create a nice diversion with some surf music, while Kid Rock blows up on “Somebody’s Gotta Feel This” (a song which does not appear in game). Full on the Mouth, Big Wreck, Fat Joe, and The Tea Party round out the featured artists. You also get game dialogue sprinkled between songs. Even the “Win the Game” blurb is at the end, in case you never make it in skillful play

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