The Lucky Strikes

Swing for grown-ups. Unlike a lot of the flashy high-speed ensembles that are making a name for themselves in the big swing revival, the Lucky Strikes play a classic big band style that’s just as good for dancing as it is for relaxing with cocktails or a romantic night for two. “Style” is a misnomer, actually — like the old orchestras, the band plays a wide variety of musical styles very well. Singer Craig Marshall is a big asset for this material. He’s got a classic-sounding voice, not unlike Frank Sinatra’s, that really helps the material shine. This record is classy and authentic-sounding, and never falls into the all-too-common trappings of the faux-hipster “retro daddy.” The Lucky Strikes are head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd. Pick this up if you’re ready for the real thing. Lazy S.O.B. Recordings, P.O. Box 49884, Austin, TX 78765;

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