Murder City Devils

Murder City Devils

Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts

Sub Pop

Well I’m getting sick of this crap. All of a sudden the whole world has decided to start releasing CDs with one or two really nice cuts at the very beginning and then fill the rest of the fucking thing up with… what? Buncha damn crap, that’s what.

“I Want a Lot Now” (cut 1) and “Dancin’ Shoes” (cut 2) just RIP along. Danceable as all hell. Neato organ riffs. But after that, it looks like everybody kinda didn’t know what to do next and just decided to bang around on the instruments, and scream like deranged chickens into the microphone.

Hell, everybody else is doing it, why not?

‘Cause it SUCKS, that’s why!

Knock this shit off, fer chrissakes!

If you don’t have enough decent tracks for a whole CD’s worth of music, then don’t release the motherfucker, OK? Is this such a difficult concept to grasp? Apparently so.

Or maybe it’s just the greed factor, coupled with the firm knowledge that people’s attention spans have almost dropped off the scale. Hell, go over to your friend’s house and check out how everybody “listens” to whatever’s playing. They’re all jabbering at each other like a bunch of starlings while the music just whams away in the background. All the attention that ever gets paid is whether or not the background noise conforms to the accepted norm. For this kind of “listening” Musak would be more appropriate.

Why do I bother?

Sub Pop Records, 1932 First Ave., Suite 1103, Seattle, WA 98101;

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