• Cant You Get Along With Anyone

    Cant You Get Along With Anyone

    By the end of this book, James MacLaren is sure of one thing, you must buy it and read it NOW. On the way to that conlusion, however, is a whole minefield of soul searching and human failings. Like the man says, it’s complicated.

  • Riding With Strangers

    Riding With Strangers

    Where you heading, man? James MacLaren has nothing but praise for Elijah Wald’s tale of hitchhiking around the country. And of course he has a few things to say about hitchhiking myths and, hell, society in general.

  • Zappa, A Biography

    Zappa, A Biography

    James MacLaren muses on Frank Zappa, in the process writing one of the BEST book reviews I’ve ever read.

  • Signs

    It’s the little things that will eventually make you crazy. Stuff you hardly even notice. Better that you didn’t notice, unlike James MacLaren.

  • What’s Up With God’s Self Esteem?

    Pssst. James Maclaren has got the goods on God. And he’s ready to blab that dirty little secret.

  • Do You Need a Receipt?

    Welcome to James MacLaren’s Inconvenience Store, a place where the host is as good as the coffee — bitter, scalding and guaranteed to wake your ass up. We are given a brief tour of the amenities by Columns Editor Matthew Moyer. No shirt, no shoes, and definitely no service.

  • New Coat of Paint

    Fucking shit! Incredible CD. Get it. GET IT NOW!

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