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Jake Andrews

Time To Burn


For some reason, the best blues never seem to really connect with me on the first play through. My brain just sorta logs the fact that some blues went by, but it doesn’t seem to be able to properly appreciate the fact that some REALLY GOOD blues just went by. This, of course, is a real pain in the ass for me, ‘cause it forces me to engage in repeat playings of some really awful dreck. But the rewards of sniffing out the good stuff make it all worthwhile, and Time To Burn is a definite reward.

Seriously blue collar stuff here. Rocks like hell even as it pushes small particles of Gonzales, Texas grit between your teeth. Oh hell, let’s just unwind the odometer half a thousand miles across that oppressive, never-ending wasteland of tumbleweeds and jackrabbits out towards El Paso. Put this fucker in the player, roll down the windows and let that heat wash all over you. Crank the volume till the coyotes in the next county can hear it.

Yeah. That’s it.

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