Terra Firma

Terra Firma

Terra Firma

The Music Cartel

Grizzled and crust-caked like a brainier Deep Purple or Blue Cheer inhabiting the ghost of the Stooges, Terra Firma rocks like some long-lost hurricane on its eponymous debut. Right from the singeing opener “Rainbow Ride” on down, Terra Firma whips up a clouded, raging storm made all the more gratifying by the five-alarm solos of Freddie Eugene, who’s something of a Ritchie Blackmore/James Williamson hellspawn. Much like our friend Ronnie James Dio, doom-riddled and -prophesying vocalist Lord Chritus sings with a clear voice if not always a clear head, as evidenced by such song titles as “Goatburn,” “Spiral Guru,” and “Nimbus.” But for all its drug-induced dementia, Terra Firma rocks exceptionally hard, a distinctive, wind-blown “Altered Beast” (to quote one of its songs). Beats me where these guys came from, but I’m willing to bet it was a deep, black hole only since unearthed back in ’74.

The Music Cartel, 106 West 32nd Street, 3rd Floor, New York City, NY 10001; http://www.music-cartel.com

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