Canned Heat

Canned Heat

Boogie 2000

Two Goats Entertainment

In the free-love, bong sharing ’60s Canned Heat made great blues-based boogie music. Led by Alan Wilson and Bob Hite, the Heat was a familiar face at festivals (Woodstock, Monterey) and could be counted on for above-average blues picking. Then Wilson died in the ’70s, Hite in the early ’80s, second guitarist Henry Vestine in 1997, so what is passing itself off as Canned Heat today is a band of newbies led by drummer Adolfo “Fito” de la Parra on this new release. Put gently, this record is horrible. New vocalist Robert Lucas — or as he likes it “The Band WITH Robert Lucas” (like he’s Mick friggin’ Jagger or someone) — is a Thursday night bar band backup vocalist at best, and the rest of the band sounds tired, bored or scared. Whatever reason, the only people who might need to buy this piece of nostalgia peddling dung are Heat fanatics who just have to have every note, or those poor souls who think Johnny Lang is a blues player. To all involved with the recording, playing and selling of this record: gentlemen, you should be ashamed.

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