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Mick Turner

Marlan Rosa

Drag City

Let’s say I was allowed to make the rules about what sorts of crap gets played on the radio. I would make a few rules, and one of them – not the first one – would be that only those guitarists who made guitar records which could be identified as being a recording of that guitarist could be played on the radio. Mick Turner would get to have his records played on the radio. Beyond the fact that Turner’s guitar playing is immediately recognizable, are there any other reasons why I’d play his music on the radio? I think I would play it simply to hear the pause right before he plays some of his notes. They jump out of the speaker a half a second too late as if his fingers are stuck on the string above. It goes nowhere beautifully, and I still haven’t listened to the Dirty Three since before Mick Turner’s first solo release.

Drag City, P.O. Box 476867, Chicago, IL 60647

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