The Donnas

The Donnas

with the Smugglers and the Plus Ones

Echo Lounge, Atlanta, GA • March 11, 2000

This show was more proof of the musical theory that any more than four chords are wasted.

I’m sorry to say I completely missed the Plus Ones. With a member of the Mr. T Experience, I was expecting fun and funny power punk — but now, I’ll never know.

The Smugglers reminded me of the Who (in their mod days as the High Numbers) or the Dickies. They played fast and tight pop songs, with lots of “1, 2, 3, 4…” intros, and titles like “Booze Cannon” (about drinking — duh) and “Serve and Protect” (about how much cops suck — duh). Their musical good taste was confirmed by a shout-out to Atlanta’s Subsonics.

The Donnas’ return to Atlanta was long-awaited — their first show here was canceled due to a storm-related power outage. They’re still touring in support of last year’s Get Skintight , and the show was VERY sold out. Singer Donna A. (aka Brett Anderson) apologized from the stage for the previous problems, and they made up for it in spades.

The band is often compared to the Ramones and Runaways, but they really might seem more at home with Motley Crue or Poison. Their set included a cover of Judas Priest’s “Living After Midnight” — hey, you’re too young to remember Judas Priest!

Anyway, these girls had a great time talking bad and acting horny — the kind of teenage posturing that real teenagers take so seriously, and everybody else either laughs at or laughs along with. Whether they’re serious or not, this self-proclaimed “Teenage Rock’n’Roll Machine” seems to have hit a nerve; their songs like “Get Outta My Room” and “Huff All Nite” are perfect material for playing full blast behind closed doors to drive your parents nuts. They also make a great soundtrack to a heavy makeout session or your first beer vomit. And like those two milestones, you might have a great time at the moment, but one day you’ll look back and wonder what the hell you were thinking.

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