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One Nation Under Yo!

Various Artists

Some People’s Kids Records

More than just a CD, this new release from SPK Records attempts to bring the whole yo/slacker/playez experience to the listener in one handy package. Included in the box set is a guide to style, showing proper pant sag limits, bandanna tilt requirements, and home tattooing guide. The Props To Playez book is worth the price by itself. Where else can you find “How to Ditch the Bitch (And Naught Get Caught)” or “Pulling A Double – 2 in One Night is All Right”? Wish I had been this down when I was living at home! The artists on the CD – mainly cool as hell dudez, ranging from a duet with Fred Durst and Tori Amos – “Check it Out, I Got a New Beeper” – to an unreleased Tupac cut, the incredibly moving “Hell Ain’t Got No ATM, Damn,” will have you kickin’ in style. The sooner you slap this shiny in your boom box and trip down to the mall, the sooner you’ll be the envy of all your A-One’s in One Nation Under Yo!

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