Unwritten Law, Suicide Machines, Snapcase, MxPx, and NOFX

Warped Tour

featuring Unwritten Law, Suicide Machines, Snapcase, MxPx, and NOFX

Central Florida Fairgrounds, Orlando, FL • July 30, 2000

“We ain’t got no place to go/So let’s go to the punk rawk show.” That’s right, kiddies, it’s summer, and that means its once again time for that all-day picnic that we like to call the Warped Tour. A day where we all get to enjoy one of the hottest Florida days, baking in the sun, while hanging out with some of the hottest punk bands around. I assumed that a tour featuring bands such as Green Day, MxPx, NOFX, Suicide Machines, and countless others would be more popular than ever. The Warped Tour always proves to be a successful breeding ground for up n’ coming bands who just need that extra little push. With ticket prices usually under $30, it seems to be a bargain – about a buck a band.

The first band I caught was Unwritten Law. Being one of my favorite bands, I was more than excited to see them yet again. I arrived halfway into their set, but just in time to see singer, Scott Russo, moon the other stage for making too much noise. The set seemed to be dominated by songs from their latest self-titled album. I don’t recall hearing any specific songs that I wanted to hear, but that’s all right, because their live performance is always entertaining, no matter what. I heard that they have been playing some new songs at the shows and that the album should be coming out soon. If you enjoyed their set, be on the lookout for more from them real soon.

Nonstop touring for the Suicide Machines seems to have given them quite the fan base. After being on the Warped Tour in previous years, they returned once again. I was shocked and pleased at the same time to hear all of their old songs being played. The short set was heavily dominated by songs from their first release, Destruction By Definition. While singer Jason Navarro jumped down from the stage to join the crowd, fans sang their hearts out to hits like “So Long” and “New Girl.”

I’m not too sure of what time each band came on, but I made sure to fit in as much as I possibly could in that one short day. At some point, I made my way up to the main stages yet again, so I could get a good spot for Snapcase. If you don’t know already, Snapcase is one of the most talented hardcore bands around. Everyone in this band is so super nice; it’s almost hard to believe that these straightedge boys from New York could put on such a highly charged and emotional show. Singer Daryl seems to make it a point to hop down to the barricade and let some of his fans help sing some of the songs. The fans seem to connect with the lyrics like no other, making Snapcase fans some of the most dedicated. After their performance, I was able to speak to them at their tent, where they informed me that they would be back around November.

Also during the day, I was able to catch MxPx’s performance from afar. By the time they got on stage, I did not have enough energy to push my way up to the front. I had just seen them this past April at the Hard Rock when they played with the Hippos, so I was not disappointed that I had to watch from the back of the crowd. The set included songs such as “Punk Rawk Show” and “Responsibility” from their latest album, The Ever Passing Moment. Their thirty minutes was your classic MxPx show, and they were still your same old jumpy kids, tattooed and dressed in black.

I always save the best for last, and that’s why I’d like to close with my thoughts on NOFX. This band is absolutely amazing. They are one of the great bands, where you can never go wrong with seeing them live. NOFX has released more albums than I can remember. I’m not even sure when they got their start, because I’m sure I was well under the age of 10! But when I was old enough to know what music was, my friends introduced me to this awesome band. Nothing can compare to seeing them live. Their set included some new songs and some other really old songs. Also thrown in the mix was my personal favorite, “Bob,” which everyone else seemed to enjoy as well. Singer Fat Mike and company not only put on a show that speaks for itself, but also carry a musical talent that most bands strive for.

This year’s Warped Tour was definitely worth the 30 bucks, sunburn, dirt in the eyes, and whatever else you might have suffered during this outing. The Warped Tour has definitely proven to be a success over any other summer festival that’s tried to stay alive. I’d say the only complaint I had was that too many people missed Unwritten Law. Whose bright idea was it to put them on so darn early?

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