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Dance Hall Crashers

The Live Record

Pink and Black

This live album by the Dance Hall Crashers delivers what it promises on the cover: witless banter and 25 mildly antagonistic songs of love. I thought all the songs sounded the same at first, but the more I listened to it, the more I caught the differences between everything. The two female vocalists have great voices and they’re aggressive, but still smooth and refined. Most of the songs have light ska-sounding guitar, which occasionally gets a little heavier, and catchy hooks and solos peppered throughout the album. The DHC are upbeat and the sound quality is good for a live record. The “witless banter” isn’t too long and drawn out, and lets the personalities of the band show through. Their music is fun and easy to relate to. This album has old songs that were written when they were teenagers, and brand new stuff. I caught myself singing along after a little while. I think my favorite track is “Cat Fight,” which talks about how people love it when girls fight. One of my other favorites is “The Real You,” which I have seen on other compilations. Overall, this is a fun, light-hearted record, if you’re into lots of love songs. The cool part is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Pink and Black Records, PO Box 40219, Berkeley, CA 94705

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