The Moto-Litas

The Moto-Litas

Talk Your Way Out of This

The four members of this all-girl band add a fresh face to the Atlanta music scene with their debut offering. An eight song EP, Talk Your Way Out of This introduces us to a group that sees the best of what Atlanta already has and puts a fresh coat of paint over it. The mix of pop, punk and surf recall 6x, Ultrababyfat and the Penetrators.

The CD opens with a punchy instrumental entitled “Hey,” calling out to get your attention. The crunchy guitars in “Roadkill” and “Welcome Mat” can be heard in many other local releases, but Kitty Kowabunga’;s country voice will set this band apart. The surf tunes “Good Side” and “MWBW” definitely add a welcome element to this CD showing that these girls aren’;t just fluff and pop. The CD includes the jingly Oh-Ok cover “Lilting,” and then closes with punk guitars on their eponymous theme song.

I’;ve already seen the girls live, and they put on a good show, with guitarist Trixie Riptide doing a little stand-up between songs. The CD has an innocent, free-spirited feel to it. I guess that’;s because these four women are too new to the scene to become sickened and jaded. Most Atlanta old-timers have produced albums that ridicule the independent circuit. Maybe by the next CD, OK?,

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