The Gift

The Gift

Music From the Motion Picture


When I first scanned the artists lending their songs to this soundtrack, I had to do a triple take. I try to be tolerant of music I don•t listen to, but I had to draw the line at Loretta Lynn and George Jones. I was expecting a Sam Raimi film to bring some noir-ish flavor the soundtrack, but most of the numbers are a bit Johnny Cash, but a bit boring. But good ol’ Willie Nelson brings a bit more downtrodden, introspective acoustic wail to the table with “Great Divide,” spicing things up a bit.

Along with an artist named Neko Case, as expected, the two scores courtesy of Christopher Young are the most interesting moments. But the latter are way too brief and lead only into more meandering, highway-diner jukebox ditties. Not to say these are happy songs, because like the movie itself, a sense of melancholy looms over the entire album. Since the film is based in a town that would perhaps enjoy this music, one has to assume that these songs fit in perfectly. But this Gift really isn’t for me.

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