Chocolate Kiss

Chocolate Kiss

Set Yourself on Fire


A painful, expressive indie rock group with a name you’d expect to belong to an R& B artist — what more can really be said? The fullest collection of emotional pain ever put on a disc. From the devastating “Snake Eyes” to the humorous “Recoil,” most of the songs have the same bleating sound and share many chords. For being on a small label, they’re okay, but if variety is what you’re looking for, you might want to try something else. The lead singer, Matt Mauldin sounds like he’s crying and pleading with the numb guitars on every song. While they are an emo group of sorts (from which you may slightly expect the above things), that doesn’t make excuses for the repetitious music and continuous themes. Unless you’re already a fan, it’s not something to sweat over skipping by.

Moodswing Records:

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