The Liars Academy

The Liars Academy

No News is Good News

Equal Vision

As the lone non-hardcore/screamo band at the recent annual Gainesville Fest, maybe Baltimore’s Liars Academy’s new album should be called No Noise is Good Noise. This power trio’s music falls between the new and old emo schools with good measures of solid power pop/rock and roll (note the arguable Beatles reference “Have you heard the news today?” lyric in the title song, for instance) to round out the balance. Makes for a difficult review, no doubt leaving many a reader scratching their heads as to exactly what this will sound like, hmm, some extra hints, they sing, and do so well, but without quite as much gloss as some of the new pop-emo bands, production-wise (this, I should note, is a good thing). Nice riffs without any actual leads, good full sound without sounding too über-heavy, going back and forth between clean and distortion sounds, the latter thankfully non-metallic. Think in the ballpark of Hot Rod Circuit with more a bit more power pop and you’ll be getting warm.

Thoughtful yet rocking. Yay. Buy.

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