Maketh Me Swoon

Love & Veggie Tempura

Here’s a departure from the usual printing of the tragic love-related emails…..

OK, so Valentine’s Day is on its way and I have someone to share it with this year. It got me thinking about the subject of love, and how you know if you really love someone.

I think that when you are truly in love you want the best for the other person, because in doing so you get the best for yourself. You want to smile when they are happy and rejoice in their triumphs and curse the world when things don’t go their way. The system works because theoretically the other person is doing the same for you.

Love is a little bit selfish. I mean, all these people cruise the internet looking for love for what reason? To please some stranger across the country? I don’t think so! They search for personal fulfillment through another person and ultimately their goals are selfish and will not work.

Something happened the other day that caused all this philosophizing. My boyfriend and I went to this Japanese restaurant we frequent, and ordered the vegetable tempura to share. Well, he’s a fast eater, and before I knew it, he ate all the carrots and all the zucchini, leaving me the broccoli, which if you know anything about veggie tempura the broccoli is the gross part. It sort of upset me that he took all of the good pieces and left behind the scraps for me.

I think this illustrates the two points I was trying to make earlier: I want him to have the best, but there’s that little selfish side that wonders why he wouldn’t let me have the carrots. Maybe I am being paranoid.

And maybe this little story is pretty lame. But I leave you with one more thought: It’s the little things that really count.

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