• The Grilled Cheese Madonna

    The Grilled Cheese Madonna

    Ebay thrill-seeker Carl F Gauze looks at this collection of the auction site’s weirdest moments like we would look at a family photo album. By the way, anyone interested in the World’s Ugliest Green Vase?

  • LiveJournals are the death of everything sacred

    Chairy Girl emerges after months on a secret undercover mission,
    staggering, wounded, muttering over and over, “Livejournals are the death of
    everything sacred.” Here’s what we could piece together from her report.

  • Love & Veggie Tempura

    Chairy Girl breaks with the usual format, to give some thoughts on
    love in keeping with the season, and how broccoli is the worst part of
    selfish tempura.

  • Your Already Damaged Soul?

    Can Chairy Girl survive a broadside of obsessive melodramatics? Stay

  • Starpolish

    Plenty of Web sites are looking to make a buck off unsigned bands, but one site, Starpolish, is actually looking out for them, with advice and tools to help a young band make it in the music biz. Bryan Tilford spoke with CEO Vivek Tiwary and Advisor Jason Linn of New Line Cinema for this profile of the site.

  • Marvelous 3

    Did you know that back in the day, the Marvelous 3’s Butch Walker was an ad rep for Ink 19? It’s true! But now he’s the frontman for the popular Atlanta-based rockers, and is sharing his philosophy on rock n’ roll in the Information Age with Andrea Thompson.

  • Pat DiNizio

    Julio Diaz brings you an in-depth interview with Smithereens frontman turned New Jersey Reform Party candidate for the U.S. Senate, Pat DiNizio. In this extensive interview, DiNizio discusses the issues that led him to run, his thoughts on the Internet, and much more.

  • Deconstructing Those Hardy Boyz – Part One

    And I’m straying from my original point, which is simply that, there are sites out there that have graphic depictions of ‘a lucky fan’ having a saucy/randy/raunchy threesome (preceded or followed by meaningful conversation and cuddling, mind you) with the Boyz that would make any tried-and-true indie wrestling fan faint dead away…

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