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Jimmie Vaughan

Do You Get The Blues?


There are probably few bluesmen today with a better resume than Jimmie Vaughan. Genetics and environment got him started on the right path, and his tenure in The Fabulous Thunderbirds is still the stuff of legend, partly because of Vaughan’s unique and relaxed style. Unlike his brother, when Jimmie has a Strat in his hands, it talks, not screams (not that SRV’s screaming is a bad thing, ya know), his tone is butter, and he always seems intensely relaxed, if such a thing can be stated. So, why is his latest solo disc somewhat of a disappointment? For one thing, and I don’t know if this is my copy or what, but this record sounds bad. He strives for a Memphis soul sorta feel (in fact, some tracks were recorded at famed Ardent Studios in Memphis) with a touch of T-Bone Walker, and I think he played the notes, but the sound didn’t make it to the plastic. His grease is lost, and Jimmies grease is funkier than a corndog at a county fair. The drums sound like boxes, and even the vocals, including those of guest Lou Ann Barton, sound flat. The song selection is all of a similar sort, anchored with Bill Willis’ Hammond B-3 and Vaughan’s stinging six string, but none of the numbers break out and grab you. Granted, even so-so Jimmie Vaughan is better than 90% of the House of Blues hacks out there, but when his career is as lofty as it has been, you expect a lot. Do You Get the Blues? doesn’t quite bring it home.

Jimmie Vaughn:

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