The Yellow Room


Like drifting off into the furthest recesses of your subconscious, Sector’s Yellow Room is an acid-squelched, beat-driven sojourn through techno-enhanced meditation. Thick analogue basslines clamor against shuddering arpeggiated melody, all accompanied by that unstoppable beat that might induce some sort of Zen-like behavior. You might know Dean Dennis, a key member of the underrated ’80s industrial outfit Clock DVA.

Sector is his dance-oriented alter ego, fresh with polyrhythms and a futurist manifesto, but still inviting all the neat retro-electro trimmings as well. There is something subtly menacing about each tune, but Dennis doesn’t let it truly surface, allowing polished synth tones to take control each time. Yellow Room takes shape as the bridge between Kraftwerk and John Carpenter scores, providing us the NEW new wave that’s fresher than lettuce at a produce section.

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