Record In Red

Secretly Canadian

I’ve been listening to this for a while, and it’s a good thing, because it’s really taken that long to sink in. Marmoset’s sound is a bit ethereal, kinda sloppy around the drums, and definitely recalling the chiming, somewhat dissonant school of guitar, where Professor Sonic Youth and Dr. Pavement once taught. Guided By Voices and Sebadoh should also be mentioned. In some ways, Marmoset also remind me of The Ophelias, but references to obscure SF artrock of the early ’90s probably won’t help you much.

Here are some concrete examples: “Golden Cloak” is the sound of a rhinestone curtain, glittering and cascading. “Art-Maker” is low and menacing, with telephone vocals and a separate walkie-talkie harmony. “Friendamine” has a smooth, Stones-like strut with a nicely-creased chorus. Other tracks, like “The City” and “The Tuesday Horn,” remind me of The Pixies and their mix of surf guitar and twisty melody, especially on slower moments.

The band’s blending of pop and noise makes some beautiful, delicate musical structures; Record In Red is one of those records that slowly insinuates itself into your musical consciousness. Give the clashing bits and unhinged melodies a bit of time to develop, and your time will be well rewarded.

Secretly Canadian:

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