Music Reviews

Transmission Four

Various Artists


This is a strange little CD. I’m not even really sure what the purpose of it is. I’m guessing that the purpose of its existence is to get people to stroll on over to and check out their “free MP3 transmissions.” So, in theory, my having mentioned that completes their mission; however, there is the matter of this little CD…

In all actuality, this compilation is one of the better ones I’ve heard in quite some time. The best track here is a very haunting, Morrissey-esque song called “Who Left the Candles On?” by a gentleman named Nate Ashley. It’s incredibly cool, and has a Portishead feel to it. I liked it a lot! The majority of the songs are quite good, including tracks from My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Chris Connelly, Motorbaby, Immune, Anaya, and Alwan Sound.

A large gamut of musical styles are offered up on this CD, from rock to trance pop, yet it all works when plopped together. A very eclectic mix, and very enjoyable. Go to their site.


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