Malachi Constant

Malachi Constant


Guilt Ridden Pop

Talk about your unpolished diamonds in the rough. St. Paul natives Malachi Constant prevail under lo-fi recordings, submerged vocals, and treble-fearing instrumentation to provide one of the true art-rock records of the year. The juxtaposition of abstract politics and even more off-the-wall song structure lends each indie-fueled track some protective coating over its weaknesses. Although Zenith sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom, the mix of Fugazi-like noisescapes, coming readily equipped with your quiet into bursting loud moments, will keep you guessing.

Dirge-filled moments such as “Witchblade” and “Global Capitalism’s…” offer up plenty more for your head to devour than most other records recorded in multi-million dollar studios. Although its sonic dissonance might turn off some with its sometimes pseudo intellectual tangents, Zenith offers up a slice of sound that breathes new life into the staleness of music made by the old guitar, bass, drum format. Kudos.

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